Why Repairing Your Sash Window Is Always The Better Option

Windows ae probably the most underrated part of the typical house. While many people may take notice of the floor style or the door’s material, few homeowners pay attention to the style of their windows. However, although you may not notice it, the windows play a major role in shaping the design of the house. By simply looking at the design of the windows, you could estimate the age and style of the interior. One of the most popular window designs is the sash window. It is basically a window that contains a single glazed frame which hold the window together. Most sash windows are part of older designs and add individuality and a unique style to the house. If your sash windows have deteriorated, you should consider sash window repairs in Melbourne to help bring them back to their original condition. Sash windows are very expensive and uncommon, that repairing it is always the best option.  

The best thing about sash windows is that they can be easily repaired, depending on the state of deterioration. It is probable that your house was designed to fit in with the sash window, and any other style will look awkward in place of the original sash window. The wooden frames can easily be replaced and the outer frame will retain its value. When deciding whether to do a sash window restoration, you should consider the fact that it’s often cheaper to repair the window rather than replace it. However, cheaper does not mean compromise as sash windows are designed to last many years. This is evident as older homes with sash windows still have them in good condition. The benefit is in the sturdy outer frame that gives extra protection to the window. Besides, sash windows are made from high quality timber, which does not deteriorate quickly.  

The timber used in the past is often more robust than the variations available nowadays, so it is better to salvage your sash window if possible. If you feel as if the window has deteriorated significantly, or notice signs of rotting, you should consult a window restoration company to find out whether it can be repaired. Because of the robust design, most sash windows can be repaired, although sometimes you might just have to replace the whole thing. Another benefit of repairing a sash window is that you could customize it to a certain extent. There’s the option of having a timber or other frame, and you could even get triple glazed windows. However, due to their scarcity, it is much more expensive to replace the sash window when a repair can be done at a fraction of the cost.