Types Of Vinyl Lettering

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Among the different uses of vinyl, one popular one is vinyl lettering online. This business cum decorative mode aims to decorate the storefronts, cars, glass windows, banners, and even store interiors. It is highly preferred in the large-format industry. Getting this done along with the vinyl banners is the wide variety of colors and the durability.

Vinyl is also popular by the chemical name PVC or polyvinyl chloride. It comes in various forms, and plasticized vinyl is one form that is used in vinyl lettering.  The thin rolls of vinyl that come with the adhesive back film are used for creating the lettering. First, a computer-controlled plotter cuts the letters. In this way, it produces letters and patterns. Then, according to the personal requirements, you can get the vinyl letters printed. In this way, intricate designs can be created too.


Types of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering online comes in different materials bought from the physical or online market as required. These letters are known for their vibrant colors, impressive performance and weather resistance. Like vinyl banners, this lettering is multipurpose that can be used to fulfil different needs. The right choice of lettering rests upon why you need it and where will you use it. These are the factors that let you choose the perfect one for the next installation.

The popular choices are as follows:

Cast Vinyl Film is a high-performance, long-lasting material best for highly exposed regions like road signs, vehicles, and storefronts.

Intermediate Vinyl Graphics is used for displays that are time-bound. They are great for short term jobs. This is an ideal option to be placed in the outdoors. These are not long-lasting and durable. They have a short life span.

Glow in the Dark Vinyl is a special type of vinyl. It is placed in dark areas where it is hard to identify the simple lettering.

Fluorescent Vinyl Letters is a specialized kind of vinyl material that ensures luminous shine. It is an attractive opportunity to make things look great. These letters are the best for glamour based locations. However, they can be adversely impacted by the UV rays that damage fluorescent pigment on this vinyl material. Hence they have a short life too.

Simulated Metal Looking Vinyl Letters is a metalized polyester film that looks more like metal. It is for this reason that it looks attractive and more sophisticated as compared to usual vinyl lettering. The age is usually between 6 months and a year.

Special Effects Vinyl Letters is glamorous lettering with a holographic and mirror-like appearance. At times it has the appearance that of multi-lens effects. However, to retain the beauty, it stays indoors.