Maintain Your Hygiene With Disposable Hand Towels

Biodegradable cups

Biodegradable is organic compound. This material consists decomposable material. It is made up of breakdown of organic matter by microorganism. Where the global warming is increasing day to day and plastic bag and plastic made material occupies the land.  In this scenario biodegradable is good to reduce the land and water pollution. It is need of time that every person starts playing role and starts using biodegradable products.

Why biodegradable cups are good?

Emission of carbon dioxide:

Biodegradable plastic is good to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is biggest source to increase global warming. Global warming is increasing temperate of earth. Plastic is core reason of global warming. To reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, people must start using biodegradable plastic. Biodegradable cups in NZ and other products reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Normal plastic manufacturing emits 8 tons of carbon dioxide. While bio plastic just emits 4 tons of carbon dioxide. It reduces global warming on earth.

Consume less energy:

Biodegradable cups nz consume less energy. Other plastic products need energy in manufacturing process. Biodegradable plastic products consume less energy in manufacturing.  It also does not fossil fuel during manufacturing process.  Normal plastic needs more energy and also burning of fossil fuel during manufacturing. More bio plastic manufacturing produces less carbon dioxide.

Need more landfill?     

Plastic need more land to discard. It also takes decades to decompose. Bio plastic or Biodegradable cups nz take less landfill to discard. It also decomposes more rapidly than plastic. Bio plastic consumes by soil and decomposes. It does not need space to dispose. Bio plastic converts into humus or compost instead of filling land.

Toilet paper rolls are widely used around the world. Every country use toilet paper on basis. Moreover it is made up of harmful chemicals like bleaching agent and some toxic acids. Disposable hand towel are good for environment and also for also for human, marine and plant life. Plants utilize nitrogen and other compounds of disposable hand towel while it easily dissolves in water and does not harm any marine life. Disposable toilet paper rolls are good for human as it is not made up of any harmful chemical. It is great for all living creatures and also helps to prevent natural resources. Single toilet paper roll is made up of many harmful chemicals.  For white colouring of a toilet paper chlorine is used. Chlorine itself is harmful for human skin and if it added in water or discard on land it also cause harmful impact on human health.